"The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart" - Rumi


The First Heartbeat,

It all started when a girl who dislikes winter found herself stuck in Connecticut during the middle of February. Mid-complaint of how winter makes hiking nearly unbearable, she found a heart aligned with the ice lying ontop of a leaf, the only thing visible through the sheet of snow. In this moment, she realized that although it comes with some challenges, even winter can be beautiful.

Roaring Brook Falls, CT // 2/13/2016

If that got your heart beating just now, I hope you'll stay pumped for a little while longer...

letter biatch

Dear Paige,

Thank you for having the eye for hearts and for being a key contributor to this site. You are the most thoughtful, most wonderful girl in the world and I am beyond grateful that we exist at the same time in life.  Congratulations, you have been crowned the weirdest noise maker, the ugliest face maker, the best nickname maker-upper I have ever met. EVER.  I'm lucky to have you as a friend and "Mojus" is lucky even more lucky to have you as an aunt. I heart you, and Mojus hearts you too :). 

xoxo, Alex  

P.S.A. The green Paige is Paige's Instagram; check it out for more of the face below (Left).  

What are we thinkin' about?


"Beauty is universal; Love is contagious" - A


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This blog is dedicated to Seth E. Krohn;  the guy who gets half the credit for "giving me life" for showing me "how to live" and for teaching me "how to love." Though his words no longer have volume, his messages remain engraved in my brain.  His bear hug hands stay tattooed on my back.  And his quiet, genuine giggles survive through my dreams.        


May he remain forever in our hearts


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